How to Display Running Medals with Ribbons

Follow these steps to make a running medal holder with the ribbon inside a Kudos Coaster Plus custom display case. If you don’t have a ribbon, see how to make a race medal holder without a ribbon.

Race Medal Holder

Step 1

Pop off the top and remove all Tru-Fit inserts but leave the metal plate in the base.

Display Race Medals

Step 2

Most ribbons can fit inside the Kudos Coaster Plus. If your ribbon is especially thick, considering cutting a portion of the ribbon.

Make a Running Medal Holder

Step 3

Place the ribbon inside the base, folding end-over-end in a triangular fashion. The trick is to disburse the ribbon evenly inside the base. Leave about 2” of the ribbon out of the base.

How to Display Running Medals

Step 4

Place the metal plate on top of the folded ribbon, leaving 2” hanging out of the base. Select a Tru-Fit insert color that complements your medal and place it on top of the metal plate.

Make a Race Medal Display Case

Step 5

With the medal face side down, slide the extra 2” of ribbon through the slot in your medal until the slot is about half way down the ribbon.

Race Medal Holder

Step 6

Fold the ribbon to create a loop and then flip the medal face side up. Some adjustments may be necessary to position the medal where you’d like.

Make a Race Medal Display Step 7

Step 7

Place the top onto the base until it fits snugly. You should hear a snap when it’s properly sealed. Your medal should fit snug against the top to avoid rattling. If it’s too loose, try adding a Tru-Fit insert below the folded ribbon. If it’s too tight, try cutting away some of the ribbon to create more space inside the base.

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