Frequently Asked Questions


Order Quantities

How many coasters come in a Kudos Coaster Plus order?

Each Kudos Coaster Plus order comes with one display coaster and six colored Tru-Fit inserts for customization.

Can I order them as a set?

They are packaged individually, but order as many as you like! If you order 4 or more coasters at a time, we’ll also send you a cute little display stand for each coaster.

Shipping & Delivery

Where’s my order confirmation?

Check your spam! Unfortunately some of our emails are making their way to junk folders. We’re working on it! If you still can’t find it, email us at and we’ll get it over to you!

How long will it take to get to me?

It depends! In the US, standard shipping will get it there in 2-7 business days. International standard shipping is variable depending on location, but it can take up to 28 business days.

Where’s my stuff?

Keep an eye out for your shipping confirmation email, which you’ll receive when your order ships. Your tracking number is right on there for you. If you can’t find it, shoot us an email at and we’ll get back you ASAP!

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping is free in the US! International shipping is based on quantity and location, which will be calculated at checkout.

Returns & Exchanges

I’m having cold feet… can I cancel my order?

If you insist! We’ll cancel your order as long as it hasn’t shipped yet. But you’re missing out!!

This thing is way too cool for me… can I return it?

For sure! We’ll find it a good home. As long as you return it within 60 days and you cover the return shipping, we’ll issue the refund when we receive it back. (Tip: Use the cheap shipping!)

Full details of our return policy can be found at:

Mine doesn’t look quite right… I’d like to exchange it.

Sorry about that! We’ve got a very stringent quality control system in place, but it’s possible that a bad egg may slip through the cracks. Shoot a quick picture of it to and we’ll send a new one out as quickly as possible. That way we’ll know what went wrong and we can work to keep it from happening again!

Full details of our exchange policy can be found at:

Payment Options

How can I pay?

Credit card or PayPal…your choice!

What currency can I pay in?

We accept payment in US dollars.


Design & Manufacturing

Where did you come up with this?

Kudos Coaster Plus was designed in Chicago over a five year span! It has really come a long way since starting out in a damp, dimly-lit basement as a resin-mold. By putting together a team of gifted product designers and out-of-the-box thinkers, we were able to use state-of-the-art technology to morph the coaster through several iterations of prototypes, finally landing on what it is today.

What do I do with the metal plate?

Not only does it provide a firm background for displaying pictures and artwork, but you can use it as a stencil to cut the image to just the right size!

Can I put my hot chocolate on there, or will it melt?

Good question! The acrylic top of Kudos Coaster Plus can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees F without melting, so don’t worry about a hot mug. But be smart! Don’t stick a hot pot on top without a trivet!

Product Specifications

How big is the Kudos Coaster Plus?

Just the right size! The external height is 0.875″ (2.2cm) and external diameter is 4.0″ (10.2cm). The internal height is 0.5″ (1.3cm) and internal diameter is 3.75″ (9.2cm).

Will it fit my treasure?

Give it a quick measure! Any object that is less than 0.5″ thick and 3.75″ in diameter will fit inside the Kudos Coaster Plus. Be sure to measure at the object’s widest/thickest points!

What do I do if my lid seems loose?

Easy fix! First take everything out of the coaster (including the inserts and metal plate), then use your fingers to stretch out the inner walls. Replace the inserts, your object to display and then the lid. Fits like a glove, right?! Email if you need further instructions.

The top won’t close! What do I do?

Better adjust the height! Kudos Coaster Plus will fit any object up to 0.5″ thick and 3.75” wide. If the top won’t close, simply remove one of the tru-fit inserts and try to close it again. Remember, it should fit snug against the top to avoid rattling!


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