Don’t Let April Showers Zap Your Willpower

Written by Shannon Polk, Kudos Team Contributor

Spring is here, which means rainier days for many of us. Mother Nature may even taunt you with gusty winds as if to say, “Go ahead and run. I dare you.” 

Challenge accepted.

Now we certainly don’t recommend heading out in a thunderstormyou should never run outside when there are lightning strikes nearby. But we do think it’s perfectly safe to run in the rain, as long as you have the appropriate running gear. Check out these six must-haves for rainy weather:

1) Waterproof Running Shoes
No one enjoys running in wet, squishy shoes. Not to mention, if your feet are soggy, they’re more likely to slide in your shoes and cause blisters. Thankfully, Brooks offers a collection of waterproof running shoes. The GORE-TEX® lining not only acts as a barrier to the rain but is also breathable, keeping your feet dry by allowing internal moisture to escape.

2) Moisture-Wicking Socks
This one is a no-brainer. Even with waterproof shoes, if you run long enough, your socks are probably still going to get wet. To wick away moisture caused by the rain and/or sweat, try the Feetures! High Performance Ultra Light Cushion sock.

3) Running Jacket
If you want to avoid a soaked upper-half five minutes into your run, a light running jacket is a smart investment. To stay dry and cool, try the Saucony Vigor Jacket or the Adidas Supernova TKO Jacket.

4) Running Hat
It’s pretty annoying when the rain is pouring down on you, but it’s even more frustrating (not to mention dangerous) when you can’t see because raindrops are pelting into your eyes. So we highly recommend a lightweight running hat like Columbia’s Watertight Ball Cap.

5) Running Pants/Shorts
Whether you run in pants or shorts depends on the temperature and your own preferences, but we typically recommend pants for weather below 40 degrees. If you’re wearing pants, DO NOT wear baggy cotton sweatpants, which will stay wet under rainy conditions, feel heavy and make your legs more prone to chafing. If you’re going with shorts, definitely opt for a light, technical fabric.

6) Anti-Chafe Lubrication
If you know you’re going to get wet despite all of your rain gear, add some lubrication to the areas where you’re most likely to chafe. Petroleum jelly and body glide are good lubricants, and patches like NipEaze can prevent nipple chafing (or just go with a cheaper option of cloth tape).

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