Turn Your Gymnastics Medal Into a Coaster

Gymnastics medals and awards hold within them memories of accomplishments and the hard work associated with them. Unfortunately, medals often find themselves hidden in drawers or closets over time and the memories are forgotten. Why not bring those memories out into the open by making coasters out of them?

Coasters play an important role in your household to protect your furniture. However, if you use the right coasters, they can add to the decor while preventing furniture stains at the same time.

Turning your old gymnastics medal into a decorative coaster has now become very easy. All you need is the medal and some creative ideas to turn it into a conversation piece for your home or office. A number of websites provide affordable coasters online. But rather than buy coasters online, make your own coaster at home using your gymnastic medal! Now you have a gymnastics medal holder, too!

Which Material Is Best For Making A Coaster?

When buying affordable coasters online, you often will find coasters made up of materials like stainless steel, glass, and bamboo. The best material for coasters make sure the bottom doesn’t slip on a table. The top should be made of a material that doesn’t stick to a glass when someone picks it up. One can easily buy coasters online made up of different materials, so be sure to check the materials before you purchase.

Why a Gymnastic Medal For Making Coasters?

Creating a gymnastics medal holder out of a coaster has many benefits. When you buy coasters online, you don’t have an emotional connection to them. When you create a gymnastics medal holder out of a coaster, you have a connection to that coaster! It allows you to recall memories of the hard work you put in to earn the award every time you take a sip of your drink and see your medal.

Secondly, using a medal for a coaster brings your gymnastics accomplishment into the open for all to see. The coaster is a conversation piece so you can share your favorite memories with your houseguests. Not only do you benefit from the positive memories, your guests can also enjoy them while hearing your stories.

And finally, when you create your own coaster from a gymnastics medal rather than buy a coaster online, you get to make it match your decor. You don’t want just any affordable coaster online! Create your own personal style to accompany your gymnastics medal so it matches your taste.

It’s never been easier to create a gymnastics medal holder out of a drink coaster. Make your own gymnastics medal coaster now and enjoy your memories with every sip!