Baseball Sports Medal Display

Kudos Coaster Plus

Sports Medal Display

Proudly display your child’s medals and awards in a sports medal display that doubles as a drink coaster.

Making Great Memories

Youth sports are a central part of childhood, and the memories made will stick with kids forever. You support your child through each season full of new experiences and life lessons about teamwork, discipline and dedication.

Young Athletes Celebrating

Celebrate Their Acheivement

Each sports medal they receive represents the personal growth and accomplishment in their competition. It symbolizes the effort they put in, the time they committed and the support you gave them. Show them how proud you are by displaying their medal in a Kudos Coaster Plus sports medal display case!

Display a Soccer Medal

Product Features

The Kudos Coaster Plus was custom designed to blend form and function with a modern aesthetic. It steps back and lets your sports medals shine through.

A crystal clear, acrylic lid provides durability and easy viewing.

Six colored foam inserts provide background customization for placing objects.

A polyurethane rubber base adds grip to minimize slipping.

Custom Display Case

The smooth beveled lip minimizes condensation from spilling over.

Tru-Fit foam inserts and the metal plate provide compression and modern aesthetics.

The matte black finish blends well with any object and home decor.

Easy to Use

Display your sports medal in just a few easy steps! Check out our INSPIRATION page for some TIPS & TRICKS to make it fit just right.

1. Choose a Background

Display Your Sports Medal

2. Adjust Tru-Fit Inserts

Display My Sports Medal

3. Snap and Enjoy

Custom Display Case

Great For Any Sport

Youth sports medals up to 3.75″ in diameter and 0.5″ thick will fit inside the Kudos Coaster Plus. See how to display your medal WITH or WITHOUT a ribbon on the INSPIRATION page.

Display Shamrock Shuffle Medal
Display Case with F3 Medal
Coaster Inner Dimensions
Display Half Marathon Medal
Display Boston Marathon Medal

We’re Different

Don’t settle for expensive, bland, gaudy or tacky medal holders for your hard-earned medals! The Kudos Coaster Plus preserves and displays your medal in a simple, classy and functional way!

Too Expensive

Medal Display Frame

Medal Display Frame

Single-medal display frames are too expensive and gaudy. Keep it simple yet classy with a display coaster that shows off your medal in style.

Too Big

Medal Display Case

Medal Display Case

Wall-hanging medal display cases are too big and in-your-face. Turn your medal into a conversation piece without it being the center of attention.

Too Cluttered

Medal Hanger

Medal Display Hanger

Don’t let your medal get lost in the clutter of a medal display hanger. Make sure it stands out in its own tabletop display case.

Too Generic

Medal Display Box

Medal Display Box

Your medal shouldn’t be hidden away in a medal display box. Display it proudly and relive your race finish with every sip!

Dual-Purpose Design

In searching for a sports medal display, it’s easy to find tacky, gaudy or expensive options that just sit on a shelf or hang on a wall. The Kudos Coaster Plus is the first-of-its-kind display case that has a dual-purpose, bringing your sports achievement front and center. See how the Coaster Plus evolved from a basement project to a product found on tabletops around the world.

Custom Display Case Prototype

Kudos to You!

Parents and athletes around the world are celebrating sports success with the Kudos Coaster Plus. Here are just a few examples from our happy customers.

Multiple Medals to Display

“What an awesome way to keep the memories and re-purpose race medals!”

Ryan C., Des Moines, IA

race medals in display cases

“No need for that shoebox of race medals with my new Kudos Coasters! A reminder of my races every time I enjoy a cold beverage!”

Kate M., Charlotte, NC

Race Medal and dog picture in coaster display case

“Obsessed with my new Kudos coasters. Great for my race medals that were previously stuffed in a drawer but also, dog pics.”

Maggie W., Charleston, SC

Boston Marathon Medal Display

“The Kudos Coaster finally arrived to Italy and it looks super nice! 😎”

Ilya K., Milan, Italy

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Sports Medal Display Case

Show Your Passion

The Kudos Coaster Plus is the first-of-its-kind sports medal display that your kid will love. Simply place your children’s youth medal inside and they can be proud of their accomplishments with each sip of their drink!


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