Finisher Medal Display


Bring Kudos to Your Store

Enhance your product offering with the new and unique Kudos Coaster Plus.

You Support Your Runners

You guide your customers to their perfect pair of shoes, encourage them throughout training with group runs and coaching, and cheer them on as they cross the finish line.

Best Walking Shoes
Group of Runners Stretching
Finishers Wearing Race Medals

Now Help Them Celebrate

Bring your customers back into the store post-race and help them celebrate. Runners can re-live the their race finish year-round with the Kudos Coaster Plus, a dual-purpose race medal display case and drink coaster.

Race Finisher Medal with a Beer

Introducing the Kudos Coaster Plus

The world’s only combination display case and drink coaster keeps memories in the forefront while providing a useful purpose for race medals. Plus, it’s easy to use:

1. Choose a Background

Race Medal Holder

2. Adjust Tru-Fit Inserts

Finisher Medal Display

3. Snap and Enjoy

Race Medal Display Idea
Featured in Runner's World Magazine

Product Features

The Kudos Coaster Plus was custom designed to blend form and function with a modern aesthetic.
It steps back and lets your memories shine through.

Race Medal Display Top

A crystal clear, acrylic lid provides durability and easy viewing.

Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup

The smooth beveled lip minimizes condensation from spilling over.

Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup

Its water resistant seal with the base protects objects inside.

Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup

A polyurethane rubber base adds grip to minimize slipping.

Kudos Coaster Plus Top View

The matte black finish blends well with any object and home decor.

Product Feature Base

Its pattern adds more grip and multi-coaster nesting capabilities.

Kudos Coaster Plus Inserts

Seven total inserts provide background customization for placing objects. There is one metal piece and six foam pieces designed for structural support, Tru-Fit customization and modern aesthetics.

Kudos Coaster Plus Inside View

Metal: One custom cut metal circle adds stability and magnet grabbing capabilities. While this layer can be removed, it’s recommended that it remain in the bottom to maximize stability.

Coaster with inserts

Foam: Made from soft polyurethane foam, these come in grey, black, yellow, blue, red and white for a variety of colors to complement your object. This Tru-Fit compression ensures your object fits snug inside.

Tabletop Display Specs

4.0” (w) x 0.875″ (d)

Product Feature Specifications

Maximum Object Size
3.75” (w) x 0.5” (d)

Kudos Coaster Plus Inserts

3.7” (w) x 0.0625” (d)

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