Make Your Own Coaster

Kudos Coaster Plus

Make Your Own Coaster

Create personalized crafts with the classy and customizable Kudos Coaster Plus. Make your own coaster and display it proudly on your tabletop!

Celebrate an Occasion

Spice up your parties with some custom coasters! Design personalized coasters for events like birthday parties, bridal showers and baby showers. The coasters make great party favors!

Spark Your Memories

Create a mini scrapbook to celebrate an accomplishment or a memorable adventure. Make one for each person in your group!

Showcase Your Memories

Accessorize Your Space

Create custom coasters for your home or office with a special theme. Head to our INSPIRATION page for some CUSTOM COASTER IDEAS!

Dentist Office Custom Coaster

Do It Yourself

In just a few quick steps, create fun crafts and showcase them in a Kudos Coaster Plus. For TIPS & TRICKS on how to make your creation fit just right, head over to our INSPIRATION page!

1. Choose Your Background

Make Your Own Coaster

2. Personalize It

DIY Craft Coaster

3. Snap and Enjoy

DIY Coaster Display

Customizable Crafting

The Kudos Coaster Plus can hold items up to 3.75″ in diameter and 0.5″ thick, so you can get creative with what you put inside. Use buttons, 3-D stickers, paint, miniatures and more!

Make Your Own Coaster Supplies Buttons
DIY Coaster Supplies Stickers
Coaster Display Case Inner Dimensions
Make Your Own Coaster Supplies Paint
DIY Coaster Supplies Miniatures

Created for Creativity

The Kudos Coaster Plus is the first-of-its-kind display case that allows for maximum creativity and customization in a drink coaster. See how the Coaster Plus evolved from a basement project to a product found on tabletops around the world.

Custom Display Case Prototype
Make Your Own Coaster

Show Your Passion

Build mini masterpieces and enjoy them year-round with the Kudos Coaster Plus. Simply put your craft creation inside and have a drink on us!


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