A Fireside Chat

with the creator

Running is my passion. I’m captivated by the natural endorphin rush and the thrill of competition. But more importantly, I cherish the fellowship among friends and the memories made along the way. Nothing brings people together like encouraging one another to accomplish a remarkable goal, and the pride that results from fulfilling a dream.

Group of Runners Stretching

One chilly spring evening, my friends and I were enjoying some post-race drinks around a campfire after finishing the Big Sur Marathon. Elated and exhausted, we reminisced about all that it took to navigate the steep terrain of the northern California course. As we sat there proudly sporting the finisher medals around our necks, we tossed around ideas of how to preserve our sense of accomplishment.


We joked about how long we could get away with wearing the race medal to work. Then someone threw out the idea of hanging it from our car’s rear-view mirror like a pair of fuzzy dice. Our race medals represented months of hard work, hundreds of miles run and the achievement of an impressive goal, and we craved a worthwhile way to hold onto those memories. Sure, there were running medal hangers and other traditional race medal holders, but this medal deserved something special.

Big Sur Medal to display

There had to be a practical solution…how do other people preserve the things that they love? That seashell a new bride finds on her honeymoon. That special coin a little boy adores because he knows it came from his grandfather. The finger painting a first grader lovingly made for her proud mother. Our passions leave us with cherished mementos so we can relive them time and again. How do we capture all of these different memories in a unique way that we can enjoy year-round? Flipping the medal over and over in my hand, I eventually set it down on my leg and placed my drink on top of it… and it hit me!

Preserve your memories

I started sketching, prototyping and getting input from friends. I wanted to create something unique, functional and modern that would allow people to show and share their life’s passions, their successes and their pride. After sampling dozens of materials and exploring more than 50 iterations, I landed on the perfect combination of form and function to preserve and display the cherished treasures that bring us joy.

Kudos Coaster Iterations

I’m proud to present to you the Kudos Coaster Plus! Use it to show your passion, and have a drink on us!
~ Ryan