Display Youth Sports Medal


Show Your Passion

You cherish your children’s creations and awards. Show them just how proud you are by displaying them year-round with the customizable Kudos Coaster Plus.

Youth Sports Medals

Young Athletes

Through after-school practices and weekend trips with the team, you were there to support your little one. You’ve shared the ups and downs of a full season, and you’ve seen how your child has developed and grown. Preserve the memories made during the last year by displaying the award proudly for all to see.

Children's Crafts

Artistic Creations

They draw, they paint, they color, and they put their heart into making the perfect piece for YOU. Treasure these crafts and preserve them in plain sight in a unique and functional way.

Tabletop Art Display

Show Your Passion

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Preserve Their Childhood

Time flies way too quickly! Be sure to hold onto those memories by displaying them proudly in a Kudos Coaster Plus!

Best Way to Store Sports Medal

A Unique Approach

The Kudos Coaster Plus is the perfect combination of form and function at a reasonable price. Don’t stow your child’s prized possessions in a drawer or closet. Show your passion in a classy display that meshes with any decor from professional offices to children’s playrooms.

Too Time Consuming

Better than Scrapbooks


Save the time needed to build page after page. The Kudos Coaster Plus displays your artwork in a classy and useful way!

Too Cluttered

Better Place to Store Treasures

Junk Drawer

Don’t allow your child’s treasure to get lost in the clutter of a junk drawer. Give your prized possession a unique home with the Kudos Coaster Plus.

Too Buried

Better Way to Store Treasures

Storage Bins

Keep your pride and joy out in the open with a display that doubles as a coaster and provides a conversation piece for your guests.

Quick and Easy to Use

Whether you’re preserving your mini Picasso or admiring the latest sports award, putting together the Kudos Coaster Plus is quick and easy. 

Preserve your artwork
Artwork Holder
Artwork Display Case
Artwork Storage Ideas
Race Medal Holder
Finisher Medal Holder
Finisher Medal Display
Race Medal Display Idea

Product Features

A crystal clear, acrylic lid provides durability and easy viewing.

Six colored foam inserts provide background customization for placing objects.

A polyurethane rubber base adds grip to minimize slipping.

Kudos Coaster Plus Exploded View

The smooth beveled lip minimizes condensation from spilling over.

Tru-Fit foam inserts and the metal plate provide compression and modern aesthetics.

The matte black finish blends well with any object and home decor.

A Closer Look

Race Medal Display Top
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Kudos Coaster Plus Inserts
Coaster with inserts
Kudos Coaster Plus Inside View
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Product Feature Base
Kudos Coaster Plus Top View

How It Works

The Kudos Coaster Plus is customizable and easy to use. For detailed instructions on making your favorite memory fit just right, check out our IDEAS page.

1. Choose a Background

Choose Your Memory

2. Adjust Tru-Fit Inserts

Finish Medal Display

3. Snap and Enjoy

Medal Inside Display Case

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