Unique Way to Store Seashells


Show Your Passion

Give more than a present. Give lasting memories by displaying them in a customizable Kudos Coaster Plus.

Store Your Seashells

Treasured Keepsakes

Everyone has that special something that brings back a favorite memory. The coin that your grandpa gave you when you were little. The seashell you found on your honeymoon. The dog tag from your first furry friend. These treasures bring us back to unforgettable moments that bring a smile to our faces.

Display Photos

Cherished Photos

From your baby’s first steps, to her graduation day, to walking her down the aisle, the snapshots we take along the way allow us to re-live those special moments time and again. Photographs are a link to the past that should preserved and displayed so that we are always reminded of the times that bring us joy.

Tabletop Crafts Display

Show Your Passion

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The Gift of a Memory

Time flies way too quickly! Memories can be preserved and displayed proudly in a Kudos Coaster Plus!

Unique Gift Idea

We’re Different

The Kudos Coaster Plus is the perfect combination of form and function at a reasonable price. Don’t settle for standard, run-of-the-mill gifts that everyone else has given.  Give the gift of memory preservation in a unique and classy way.

Too Overdone

More Interesting than a Boring Gift

Home Goods

Don’t give the same gift as everyone else. Give the gift of a memory with the Kudos Coaster Plus!

Too Impersonal

Alternative to a Gift Card

Gift Cards

Gift cards say “I didn’t know what to get you.” Show them you care by gifting them a memory!

Too Short-lived

Better Gift than Flowers


Why give a gift that last a couple of weeks at most, when you can give them a memory thats lasts forever?

Preserving the Past

The Kudos Coaster Plus is the gift that keeps on giving. Your gift-receiver can relive a variety of different types of memories time and again.

Crafters Display Kids Artwork
Race Finisher Medal with a Beer
The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Product Features

A crystal clear, acrylic lid provides durability and easy viewing.

Six colored foam inserts provide background customization for placing objects.

A polyurethane rubber base adds grip to minimize slipping.

Kudos Coaster Plus Exploded View

The smooth beveled lip minimizes condensation from spilling over.

Tru-Fit foam inserts and the metal plate provide compression and modern aesthetics.

The matte black finish blends well with any object and home decor.

A Closer Look

Race Medal Display Top
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Kudos Coaster Plus Inserts
Coaster with inserts
Kudos Coaster Plus Inside View
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Product Feature Base
Kudos Coaster Plus Top View

How It Works

The Kudos Coaster Plus is customizable and easy to use. For detailed instructions on making your gift work for all sorts of treasures, check out our IDEAS page.

1. Choose a Background

Choose Your Memory

2. Adjust Tru-Fit Inserts

Finish Medal Display

3. Snap and Enjoy

Medal Inside Display Case

Sharing The Love

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