Finisher Medal Display


Show Your Passion

You pour your heart into everything you do. Now you can relive your memories and celebrate life’s moments year-round with the customizable Kudos Coaster Plus.

Training for a Race

The Long Hard Road

You woke up before the sun came up. You sweated it out in the scorching heat. You punished yourself through the bitter cold. When others went out, you stayed in. When you were sore, you trained anyway. You put in the time, and you were prepared. And then you did it. You persevered. You accomplished your goal and you loved it.

Finishers Wearing Race Medals

A Well-Deserved Prize

Now you’ve got your bling. It’s not just a medal. It’s a representation of your hard work. It’s a symbol of your triumph. It’s a training season full of emotions and memories packed into a trophy. You wore it around your neck for a day, maybe two. Now it’s time to preserve your passion and display it proudly. Don’t throw it into a shoebox in the closet… show it off to the world! Get your Kudos Coaster Plus now!

Tabletop Medal Display

Show Your Passion

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Medals Deserve Better

Don’t just throw your medals into a box in the closet! Your medals are symbols of hard work and outstanding accomplishment, so display them proudly in a Kudos Coaster Plus!

Best way to display your race medal

We’re Different

The Kudos Coaster Plus is the perfect combination of form and function at a reasonable price. Show your passion in a classy display that meshes with any decor from professional offices to children’s playrooms. Don’t settle for expensive, gaudy, or tacky displays for your hard-earned treasures.

Too Expensive

Race Medal Display Frame

Medal Display Frame

No need to spend $50-$100 to show off your medal in a wall plaque. The Kudos Coaster Plus displays your medal in a classy and useful way!

Too Big

Finisher Medal Display Case

Medal Display Case

Wall racks can be gaudy and overly boastful. Keep it classy and simple with the sleek Kudos Coaster Plus, and have a drink on us!

Too Cluttered

Race Medal Hanger

Medal Display Hangers

Don’t allow your treasure to get lost in the clutter of a dozen other medals. Give your medal a unique home with the Kudos Coaster Plus.

Too Generic

Running Medal Holder

Medal Display Box

Keep the symbol of your success out in the open with a display that doubles as a coaster and provides a conversation piece for your guests.

How It Works

The Kudos Coaster Plus is customizable and easy to use. For detailed instructions on making your finisher medal fit just right, check out our IDEAS page.

1. Choose a Background

Race Medal Holder

2. Adjust Tru-Fit Inserts

Finisher Medal Display

3. Snap and Enjoy

Race Medal Display Idea

Product Features

A crystal clear, acrylic lid provides durability and easy viewing.

Six colored foam inserts provide background customization for placing objects.

A polyurethane rubber base adds grip to minimize slipping.

Kudos Coaster Plus Exploded View

The smooth beveled lip minimizes condensation from spilling over.

Tru-Fit foam inserts and the metal plate provide compression and modern aesthetics.

The matte black finish blends well with any object and home decor.

A Closer Look

Race Medal Display Top
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Kudos Coaster Plus Inserts
Coaster with inserts
Kudos Coaster Plus Inside View
Kudos Coaster Plus Closeup
Product Feature Base
Kudos Coaster Plus Top View

Fits Most Sports Medals

Whether you participate in running, triathlon, baseball, football, soccer, basketball, swimming, cheerleading, wrestling, dance, karate…the list goes on and on…most medals and awards fit inside the Kudos Coaster Plus. What’s more, you can customize your background color to compliment your medal.

Athletes Sports Medals Run
Athletes Sports Medals Golf
Athletes Sports Medals Soccer
Athletes Sports Medals Baseball
Athletes Sports Medals Swimming
Athletes Sports Medals Cheerleading
Athletes Sports Medals Biking
Athletes Sports Medals Karate

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